Aaply is here to boost your creativity
Aaply’s Value
You better have a mobile strategy, engagement, and retention at the early stage of your project before you jump to UI.
Browse through tons of blocks
Variability in mobile patterns allows you to find usable, balanced, beautiful variations of the future app.
Get the whole team on board
The earlier you discuss the app with your team — the lower the risks.
Never start from scratch
Pre-made templates of mobile apps allow you to save time when starting a new project and avoid the daunting task of starting from scratch.
Improving your product experience is easier when working with logically grouped mobile flows (rather than separate screens)
Structure your app
Quickly explore multiple options
Variability in mobile patterns enables you to discover usable, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing variations of the future app.
Collect the scope in Notion – Visualize app ideas in Aaply – Final result in Figma.
Speed up design process