Aaply feels like Canva but for designing mobile screens! Anyone who isn’t a designer can use it!
UX Designer, Design Influencer
Maxim Siebert
Principal Designer at Peggy
I think it’s a great product to easily map out user flows as well as wireframing pages.
Aaply looks kind of amazing, I'd like to give this a whirl. Really liking the interface.
Lead UX / Product + Visual designer
Maria Romanza
UI/UX Designer at Derevo
The concept of the screen creation is awesome and I loooooved the premade thingys. It's a great product.
Enjoying the colourful/friendly approach of Aaply. Especially the blobby blocks of colour to fill empty space. A simple way to add character.
Generalist Product Designer
Ekene Smart
Product Designer at CloudEasy Club
Seriously loved and enjoyed my experience while using Aaply. Its interface is so clean.
Community Manager
Aaply, plataforma que permite trabajar de forma colectiva en el desarrollo de una aplicación bajo el esquema del wireframing.
Producto Beta
Product Manager, Co-Founder
Eric Concha Parra
As a product manager sometimes you need to “design” a little to express your ideas more clearly to the team. I used to make poorly-designed “wireframes” that where too basic to be used on a presentation. To use Figma or other tools will take too much time. For that reason Aaply is the perfect choice for me, because it allows me to do so easily, generating a nice prototype without much effort.
Carnegie Mellon University
Engineering Management TA
It takes me seconds to create detailed and useful wireframes for my product ideas.
iOS Designer
Aaply, plataforma que permite trabajar de forma colectiva en el desarrollo de una aplicación bajo el esquema del wireframing.
Product Manager
Product designers!

If you need LESS time:
  • to work out the logic of your app
  • plan mobile flows
  • create wireframes of interface
  • and move to the UI design stage
@AaplyHQ is for you
UX Designer
Aaply is very playful, very modern and Gen Z-like! It’s also a good tool for people to quickly design mobile screens with lots of predetermined components.
Digital Executive
Jamie Dobbs
I had a lot of fun going through the wireframes and found navigation easy! It was clear where different user journeys led and it didn’t feel too cluttered when trying to move around the page.
Roy Technubi
Full Stack Product Designer
I love the concept of Aaply! The design is also very clean!
Chris Enoiu
Identity & Visual Designer
Really easy to understand, the flow is just right. It took me a few minutes to understand how to interact with the layout.
Daniel Goldberg
UX/UI & Web Designer
An excellent tool that definitely addresses the designer's pain points and seems to have a valuable solution.
Producto Beta
Product Manager, Co-Founder
I'm working on a #sideproject... It's an idea that has been in my mind for a few years now and is finally taking shape.
Apply cuenta con todas las herramientas necesarias para que los miembros a cargo del proyecto puedan enfocarse en crear, colaborar y celebrar.
UX/UI Designer
The onboarding was great, clear and useful. The templates list is so valuable and incredible!

The app is really easy to use and intuitive yet complete in its features.
Lead UI/UX Designer
This will be a game changer in developing wireframes for our design and setting a proper user flow, and it is super easy!
Product Designer
When in time constraints It is Indeed a very quick tool to create rapid wireframe and proto, and saves a lot of time
Product designer
Dinesh Samala
It helps to work out the logic of the app, plan mobile flows, create wireframes of interface, discuss it online, and move to the UI design stage.
Apollon Lab
UI/UX designer
In a word, cool!

I will use it and recommend to all designers.
American Express GBT
Product Designer
Alisa Prem
I have used Aaply before, a really nice wireframing tool!
If you are looking for a new tool to use to digitally sketch out your designs or create more engaging task flows, check out Aaply!

Their interface is very user-friendly and familiar to other UX design products such as Figma.
Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re a seasoned pro, Aaply is designed to make wireframing a breeze.
Senior Product Designer
They just realized that creating wireframes/connections in Figma takes a lot of time and decided to make this process easier.
UX/UI Designer
Touch and Pay Technologies Ltd
Product Designer
UX Researcher | Mentor
Want an easy mobile wireframe & flow builder?

Try Aaply!
UI UX Design Academy
Design Mentor
It’s quick, simple & intuitive. You can plan out a simple app in half an hour and move on to next stages seamlessly.